Humboldt’s Finest

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Made in small batches, Humboldt's Finest uses the fresh character of locally-grown hemp to create a unique botanical spirit. Bright, herbal, and smooth, it drinks like a gin, but not. Try it with your favorite mixer or by itself to experience a uniquely Humboldt escape from the commonplace. Free of THC and CBD, Humboldt's Finest is legal in all 50 states.


• Tasting Notes of Lemongrass, Cucumber, Green Tea, Basil, and Pine
• Infused with Locally-Grown Hemp
• THC-Free and CBD-Free
• Aromatic Terpenes Provide a Distinctive Fresh Herbal Character
• Double Gold Winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition


"On the palate it's creamy, slightly sweet, with a very pronounced herbal and grassy flavor.” - Forbes


“Humboldt Distillery really did a refreshing and aromatic take on botanical spirits.” - Men's Journal


80 / 40%